Company Profile


Company Profile

EGGO Space s.r.o. is a business located in Lanskroun, East Bohemia, Czech Republic. We are in an advanced industrial zone founded 50 years ago and occupied by 12 companies of which 2 are large organizations and 10 small to medium enterprises (SME). 

Founded in 2002, production and laboratory facilities soon followed and used to satisfy their first project that required reclamation of contaminated solvents normally shipped to a waste incineration plant for disposal. To fulfill this order it was necessary to design and manufacture bespoke recycling equipment which proved effective in achieving 98.5% reclaimed solvent yield. Following this success it became apparent that EGGO Space s.r.o. had the capability to design, manufacture and operate/sell custom plant and equipment to customer's individual requirements.

In a similar way EGGO Space s.r.o. introduced testing of electronic components and products competing with organizations with decades of experience. Local organizations also brought new opportunities and with this came industrial screen-printing which was soon added to EGGO Space s.r.o. portfolio of expertise.

In addition, cooperation with experienced manufacturers of single purpose machines/equipment and professional bodies globally provided the required level of support in finding successful technological solutions for customers at the forefront of technological advancement.