EGGO Space becomes a Czech Space Alliance member

The Czech Space Alliance (CSA) is an industrial association of, and for, the Czech space industry, established in 2006 under the auspices of CzechTrade, the export promotion agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The alliance comprises 18 companies. EGGO Space became a member at the start of 2011.

CSA’s main goals are:

Internally – represent and promote the interests of the space industry to the national decision makers, the media and other relevant associations or entities; co-operate with the ministries and all other official entities supporting space activities in the formulation of space policy and creation of suitable conditions for the growth of the space industry.

Externally – present the skills of its members at international events and establish dialogue with similar associations and space agencies, be they in Europe or beyond; help its members to develop business relationship with potential partners in other European Space Agency member.

Status of the Czech Republic in ESA

When the Czech Republic (CR) acceded to the ESA convention in Nov. 2008, ESA and the CR established the joint ESA-Czech Task Force (concept proven with previous new members. The Task Force is the advisory body for the Czech Incentive Scheme and will be in place until 2014. The Czech Industry Incentive Scheme, an ESA programme following ESA's rules and procedures, allocates for this work 45% of the Czech mandatory contribution to ESA over the said 6 years.

The government of the Czech Republic, decided in April 2011 to commision the Ministry of Transport (MT) with the coordination and management of space activities. MT is now directly responsible for ESA, EU matters concerning space, as well as satellite navigation and space applications.

MT established a coordination body under its leadership to involve other respective ministries and coordinate and manage space activities in the Czech Republic. Prior to becoming the coordinator, MT was already responsible for elaborating the National Space Plan. This strategic document was approved by the Government in May 2010. MT also pushed the necessity to change former Czech approach to space activities from purely scientific to economic objectives with enormous strategic, social and security potential, focusing on supporting competitiveness of the industry and academia and maximising the return on the public investment.  

Status of CSA in the Czech Republic

CSA has developed excellent cooperation with the MT and provide the coordination body led by it, with practical know-how and experience with space projects. It also formulates for them the industry’s needs, preferences or possible impediments in their endeavour to become more involved in and more competitive in ESA. As such, it is regarded as an important practical source of information and expertise to the activities which the official entities carry out or plan to do. The best proof of the excellent cooperation with the state establishment was the CSA’s substantial contribution to the industry section of the National Space Plan  www.spacedepartment.cz/en/section-2/national-space-plan/

Commercial and R&D results of CSA members

Following industry projects during the previous PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States) period, the full ESA membership was inaugurated by an open competitive tender restricted to the CR (AO6052). The alliance members won 1.84M €, or 80% of the funds awarded to industry.

In the recently announced results of the latest open tender (AO6647), the alliance confirmed the continued leadership by winning 2.98M € worth of projects, which again constituted 77% of the Czech industrial budget. Moreover, only CSA members have had success in standard international tenders, where they scored 100% of the wins going to the Czech Republic.

CSA builds on the very strong aerospace background of Czechoslovakia, including building and operating a number of national satellites, and on the experience of its founding members, that had been commercially active in ESA and other space projects since the early 1990’s. By parallel co-operation with the national decision makers, building networks with international partners and developing space business activities in ESA and elsewhere, CSA is contributing decisively to the Czech Republic becoming a strong and valued partner of ESA and of ESA member state industries.


More information on CSA can be found at http://czechspace.eu

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