EGGO Space project recommended for implementation by ESA

Czech Space Alliance (CSA) can mark a further success in the area of R&D. In a recent tender of European Space Agendy (ESA) aimed at R&D its members have won eight contracts amounting to 2.98M €, a major part of the industrial budget. 

Companies ANF Data, CSRC, EGGO Space, Frentech, Iguassu Software Systems, Synpo and Explosia shall implement projects ranging from technologies of more effective processing of data from remote research of Earth, via testing of passive components and rocket fuel tank technology to development of mechanical components of satelites.

EGGO Space s.r.o. was successful in the project "Development of Test Facility Dedicated to Passives Components".

“In the field of aviation and space industry, our country belongs among the pioneers of innovative solutions and CzechInvest strives for linking of Czech research capacities with the development projects presented by aviation manufacturers. One of the tools for it is a project of Czech Technological days directed at research, development, engineering and innovation among Czech Republic and advanced countries abroad,“ says Miroslav Křížek, General Manager of CzechInvest agency.

“Czech space industry is at a high technological level, and we of Czech Space Alliance keep proving it. What we still miss here is a broad international network of partners, so common with other member states, with whom we should form a consortium. International events as seminars at Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic or Czech Technological Days of CzechInvest abroad are key factors for any further successes with ESA,“ says Petr Bareš, President of Czech Space Alliance. 

Space activities and relations to ESA are currently co-ordinated by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic that is covering, together with CzechInvest agency, the international meetings with future partners. In order to cultivate the development of local space industry, CzechInvest organized within the project of Czech Technological Days two large contact meetings in Japan and Brazil dedicated to space projects and space technologies. In both countries, Czech Republic concluded agreements on co-operation in space projects.

Czech Republic is a member state of European Space Agency since 2008. It contributes to the  agency‘s budget by approximately 7 million €. A major part of this contribution comes back to the Czech Republic in a way of industrial contracts that should, however, be won by the companies in internationsl tenders.

In the coming year Czech Republic shall face a key negotitation on amounts of contribution to ESA in the following 4 years. According to the international studies, the investments into ESA are marked with one of the highest multiplications of return, not to mention an impact on the acknowledgement of the technological maturity of the state.


Published by: CzechInvest



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