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Test House Services

Ordering of tests

It is advised that the customer starts with an initial enquiry of the test to be performed by making a phone call or sending an e-mail or faxed request. If the technological and capacity capabilities of the laboratory permit the test to be carried out a personal visit by the customer shall be agreed to negotiate the conditions. It is recommended to meet in the Test Laboratory of the Test House Division but the meeting can also take place at the customers premises. After agreement, the customer shall be made familiar with the relevant test equipment and procedures.

Detailed cooperation with the Customer

The customer shall:

  • Specify testing sequence which may be from the requirement of a standard or determined between customer and Test Laboratory.
  • Specify the testing period & start date with the Test Laboratory.
  • Submit necessary technical product documentation including dimensional specifications, reference to standards etc.
  • Supply a purchase order with organization identification data and specifying the work to be undertaken.
  • Agree the test price with the Test Laboratory (in case of very complex testing, the price can be agreed at a later time).
  • Supply samples in the requested or mandatory quantity, make and quality. Upon agreement, the samples can be sent at a later time.
  • Agree format for the test results (protocol, tables, charts, drawings etc.) with the Test Laboratory.
  • Advise special handling requirements, test risks and any associated Health & Safety information.

Please send your Enquiry to info@eggo.cz and / or via the form below.

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