EGGO Space s.r.o. - certification



EGGO Space s.r.o. holds the following Test certification:

Electrotechnical Testing Institute (Elektrotechnický zkušební ústav - EZÚ)
Czech Testing Laboratories Association (Sdružení českých zkušeben a laboratoří SČZL) - registration number 068
EuroLab CZ (association of Czech measuring, testing and analytical laboratories)

This certification proves the capability and professional competence of the Laboratory in the Test House division of EGGO Space s.r.o. The Laboratory provides impartial testing of passive and active electronic components to the extent of the test standards and methods as specified in the Test House link as well as in compliance with the standards and regulations in operation. 

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute has the highest liability and importance for both company and customers. It mandates the impartial test/measurements undertaken which are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the certification and its protocols. Test reports issued can be used for product verification and assist in winning national/international marks and certifications as well as increasing competitive advantage and export capability.

The Czech Testing Laboratories Association is an optional association of organizations of physical entities or corporate bodies in the territory of the Czech Republic. It co-operates with the state administration agencies in preparation of general mandatory legal enactments in the field of quality control and other relevant regulations. Documents for the accreditation of test houses are also prepared with one of the customer benefits being the option of the SCZL stamp on their documents. Members of SČZL shall also be issued a certificate of membership in EuroLab CZ.

EuroLab CZ is a professional association of corporate bodies, including SČZL that was founded in 2004. Their certificate witnesses membership in the professional association.