Recycling Services

Organic solvents and substances, with boiling point up to 250°C, are reclaimed by means of atmospheric or vacuum distillation. Due to the fact that we design and manufacture our own reclaim equipment our prices shall always be competitive.

Reclamation is by distilling organic solvents & utilizing different boiling points of individual components of the contaminated solvent, i.e. of the basic component to be reclaimed and its contaminants. The result, due to impurities having a higher boiling point than the original organic solvent, is that they are removed leaving a product with original pure solvent properties and an unchanged chemical composition.

If a single chemical substance, whose contamination has not been linked with any chemical modification, is reclaimed, then the reclaim of such contaminated substance shall restore its properties in the condition in which it arrived from the supplier. If a mixture of chemical substances is reclaimed, the reclaim is influenced by the properties of individual components of the reclaimed material. It applies once again that if the process leading to the contamination did not alter their chemical composition, the reclaim outcome shall be identical with the original material before its contamination. The reclaim quality is substantially influenced by the quality of the delivered waste - contaminated solvent to be reclaimed.

Examples of recycled solvents:

  • Ethanol, N-Butanol, N-Propanol, Butyl Acetate
  • Organic substances based on monomeric compounds, Ethylene Glycole

Conditions of putting solvent into the Reclaim Programme:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of the solvent and its contaminating component. If required EGGO Space s.r.o. can provide an analytical substance study.
  • Successful reclaim test with an optional analytical study and issue of a Certificate of Conformance.
  • Supply of containers for contaminated solvent as well as for reclaimed material.

Initial requirements on organic solvent to be reclaimed:

  • Substance / solvent falls within the Explosiveness Class IIA or IIB with flash point above 200°C.
  • Substance / solvent has not been contaminated by glues, hardeners, polyurethane paints etc.
  • Analytical study of the waste and/or MSDS of the solvent and its contaminating components are available (eg. MSDS of the thinner and paint).
  • Substance / solvent shall not be classified according to Law No. 356/2003 Coll. on chemical substances and chemical preparations.

Minimum quantity to be accepted for making a pre-reclaim test is 10-20 litres and 200 litres for a reclaim test. Substance / solvent shall be placed in containers corresponding to its chemical composition. The customer shall provide clean containers for reclaimed solvent / substance satisfying the regulations for storage determined by the primary product manufacturer according to the relevant ČSN Standard and other relevant regulations.

Pre-reclaim test FREE OF CHARGE:

This test shall be made with 10-20 litres of supplied contaminated organic solvent / substance.
The quality features of the reclaim shall be ascertained (quality of the reclaim) and the complexity of the technological process estimated.
Following this process the indicative price quotation for the reclaim test shall be determined.

Reclaim test Process:

This test follows a successful pre-reclaim test.
A minimum 200 litres of contaminated organic solvent shall be supplied.
Testing reveals the quantity features of the reclaim and determination of yield/technological parameters.
Following the test contractual conditions for acceptance shall be proposed which will include a price quotation.
The reclaim test price is contractual and depends on type, quantity and contamination of the solvent.
Test results, price quotation and/or draft of Cooperation Agreement will be submitted to the customer.

Reclaim Price:

It is a specific price determined by the reclaim test and it shall be contained in our proposal. Due to the fact that we design and manufacture our own reclaim equipment our prices are always competitive.

Negotiating of an Enquiry:

It needs to be taken into account that the price shall incorporate the reclaim itself as well as the costs of disposal of the remnants after reclaim (the separated impurities). The final price shall be governed by the reclaim complexity (how much the supplied solvent has been contaminated) and by the total volume of the order. A yield of 98% can be estimated approximately.

The final price of the reclaimed solvent varies between 50 to 75% of the price of original solvent purchased at the basic conditions.

To enable preparation of an indicative price quotation we require a sample of approximately 10-20 litres of the contaminated solvent (organic substance) as well as answers to the following questions:

  • Solvent commercial name
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Solvent use / application
  • Quantity of contaminated solvent used per month (litres)
  • Waste process description
  • Waste disposal information / method

Undertaking of the laboratory pre-reclaim test and an indicative price quotation and are free of charge. Please send your Enquiry to info@eggo.cz and / or via the form below.

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